Senior Data-Architect / Data-Scientist (m/f/d) - onsite or remote 💻

Join the Engineering Department - the heart of stafftastic

We are looking for a skilled Senior Data-Architect / Data-Scientist (m/f/d) to join our Engineering Team onsite in Fulda or remote. Our Engineering Department is the heart of stafftastic.

You will design and implement systems that will help leverage our extensive data. Our micro-service architecture is split into many small and different databases. Help us gain more insight into our users and our business. Transform systems designed for transactional loads into systems optimized for analytical loads.

What you will do

  • Figure out technical requirements for our analytics stack

  • Implement appropriate solutions

  • Collaborate with the operations team and the engineering department

  • Perform repeatable and insightful analytics

  • Build internal and external reporting dashboards

  • Exchange knowledge with other engineers and analyists

Who you are

  • Practical experience with data systems

  • Love data and analytics

  • Like visualizing cool reports and dashboards

  • Experience with designing analytics stacks

  • Comfortable with speaking English


  • Free drinks

  • Central Location

  • International Team

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Cool-ass colleagues

  • Best Equipment, that fits your position

  • 5-ply toilet paper 🧻

Who we are

We are stafftastic, a growing start-up from Fulda. Our goal is to guide young people from their life as a student into a working life they actually enjoy. We founded stafftastic in 2018 with our first service and have since grown into a company of about 10 people working towards a new standard in job-orientation. We are headquartered in Fulda, Germany but have built a team of people from around the world.

Contact for more information

Hendrik Heil (CTO)


Phone: 0661 96090370



Our benefits

Free Drinks

Hydration is important - so we serve fine water, finer soft-drinks and the finest beer for all our employees and visitors.

Hybrid working

Work remote from whereever you are. But please be assured that there will always be a place for you in our office.

International Team

Our international team is spread world-wide but united by our communication channels.

Best Equipment

You are only as good as your equipment so you can choose what gear fits your position the best.

State-of-the-art technology

We use state-of-the-art technology not only for our engineering-department but also for our day-to-day office work.

Cool-ass colleagues

Best team in the world (promise!).


Our stafftastic headquarter is in the middle of Fulda.